Annemieke Wesselman
Consumer and nerine lover

I buy fresh cut flowers for my home every week, preferably seasonal flowers.

Annemarieke Hooij
Visions Pictures & Photography

Anne Marieke Hooij is an account manager at Visions Pictures & Photography. In their pictures color, shape , creativity and botanical knowledge blend into a perfect image . Admiringly Anne Marieke tells about Nerine , a graceful model for the botanical photographer..

Jos Kuijpers
Florist and owner of Alpina

Jos Kuijpers owns the renowned florist’s business called Alpina in The Hague. He supplies local businesses and consumers, and is Purveyor to the Dutch Royal Household. Here, he shares with us his passion for the Nerine.

Nic van Keulen en Kees de Jong
Nerine breeders

They have been working with nerines for over 45 years, first as growers and subsequently as breeders of new nerine varieties. They are both passionate and relentless in their search for new colours and even prettier flower shapes.

Käte van Duijkeren-Oetting
Nerine lover

How nerines can add colour to a wedding – a nerine lover’s story.

Janneke Brinkman
botanical artist

What began as a strong professional interest in nerines has evolved into a truly unique relationship, with nerines now being an inextricable part of her life. In this story, she lets us in on how this came about.

Kees Uit den Boogaard
Professional gardener

Kees points to a nerine enthusiastically: 'Look, the nerine is a refined and delicately shaped flower which, in the right place, adds a unique touch to any garden.'

Bas van Keulen en Kitty de Jong

There’s no doubt about it – nerine growers Bas van Keulen and Kitty de Jong are first and foremost nerine fans. Clearly a strong team, they enthusiastically explain their passion for Nerines.

Kristen Janes
Floral design expert

"Nerine lilies are fun, not-too-famous flowers that look awesome in a bouquet or centerpiece. They have a one-of-a-kind texture and they're just gorgeous. I'm simply nuts about them!"