Nerine, from the heart

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nerine bowdenii

Nerine Bowdenii

‘I care about you’. Nerine bowdenii expresses what is often left unsaid, a bridge between heart and mind.
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amarine belladiva

Amarine Belladiva

The Nerine belladiva flowers bring a smile to our faces with their cheerful, heart-warming sheen.
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nerine elegance

Nerine Elegance

Nerine elegance extends a warm welcome to you, whether in your home or garden.
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Nerine Straight from the heart

The story goes that the flowers drifted on the seas from South Africa, eventually washing up on the shores of the island of Guernsey. It was this ocean voyage that earned the flower its name: ‘Nerine’, in a reference to the 50 beautiful daughters of the sea-god Nereus. The flower is also known as the Guernsey Lily in the UK.

The nerine is a distinctive bulbous plant with a characteristically pure and feminine beauty: prettily shaped flowers with ribbons of silver and gold adding an extra shimmer to their petals. They are a fragile yet intense symbol of union, straight from the heart.


All about Nerine growers and where Nerine is available

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activiteiten nerine


Activities on the agenda
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nerine inspiratie 2


Nerine indoor and outdoor ideas
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verhalen nerine


Nerine lovers in their own words...
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